Sandwich Menu

Hearty Wraps and Sandwiches $7.00 per person / 2 hearty halves per person

Generously filled with roasted meats, fresh veggies and flavoured mayo; Canadian Cheddar BLT, Smoked Turkey Cranberry, Ham Swiss and Maple Mustard, Apple Gouda, Roasted Veggie, Chipotle Chicken, Egg and Dill, Roast Beef with Honey Horseradish mayo, Salami Provolone & Roasted Peppers with Arugula Pesto

Executive Antipasto Sandwich Board $7.50 per person

Variety of sliced ham, salami, lean cappacolla, sliced cheddar and mozzarella cheese, sweet and hot pickled peppers, olives, lettuce, sliced tomatoes and onions and condiments (grainy mustard, mayo, roasted vegetable spread) all presented on a wooden board and basket of bread and buns.

Traditional Sandwich Platter $6.00 per person / 4 quarters per person

Sandwich quarters on whole wheat and white sandwich bread generously filled with fresh flavourful ingredients;

Egg salad, ham salad, tuna salad, roast beef lettuce honey horseradish mayo, cream cheese cucumber dill, and cheese tomato lettuce on white and whole wheat bread.

BBQ Forrest Burger $8.00 per person

Grilled Forrest Farms beef patties with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, pickled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and smoked mayo.

Open Face Sandwich Platter $6.50 per person / 2 pieces per person

A colourful array of fresh artisan breads topped with egg salad, tuna salad, shaved ham and cheese, sliced roast beef and roasted red peppers, salami and herb cream cheese, each one beautifully garnished.

Fancy Tea Sandwiches $7.00 per person / 4 per person

Rolled and finger sandwiches with all your favourite fillings on white and whole wheat bread with pickle and olive centers, sliced and garnished; tuna, egg, ham, salami cream cheese, turkey cranberry, roasted red pepper cheddar, cucumber dill.

(Peanut butter banana or cherry cream cheese upon request)



One Salad $3.50 per person

Two Salads $5.00 per person

Maple Bush Beans $3.00

Hand Cut Fries $3.00 per person

Veggie Tray $1.75 per person

Fruit Tray $2.00 per person

Fresh Homemade Bread and Butter $1.50 per person  

Home Made Dessert Platter $1.50 per person (two pieces per person)

Cold Drinks $1.50 per person (canned soda, fruit juice, bottled water)

Please note a $15.00 delivery fee for most orders

Minimum numbers may apply