Dessert Menu

Apple Pear Crostada $9.00

A rustic buttery pastry filled with apples, pears and candied ginger with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Southbrook Framboise / Cappuccino

Campfire Chocolate Cake $9.0020140308_202857

Warm chocolate cake with a hint of heat topped with toasted marshmallows, a buttery graham cracker, chocolate ganache and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Frothed Bailey’s / B52 Coffee

Nanaimo Crème Brule  $8.00

Creamy vanilla baked custard with a warm chocolate centre topped with caramelized sugar, toasted coconut and chocolate nibs .

Double Double Coffee / White Russian

Saskatoon Berry Butter Tart $9.00

Classic Canadian butter tart filling in flaky pastry crust, studded with local Saskatoon berries  and topped with apple butter ripple ice cream.

Maple Cream Coffee / Wild Blueberry Tea


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